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21 August 2009 @ 08:03 pm

Happy Birthday!

I hope that you will come back soon and start to do performances with SuJu :)

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19 August 2009 @ 05:02 pm

01 Haru Haru
02 Make Love -english Version-
03 Lie -korean Version-
04 Number 1
05 Lollipop(2ne1)
06 So Beautiful
07 Stylish
08 La La La -korean Version-
09 Remember -korean Version-
10 We Belong Together -korean Version-
11 Together Forever


01 Intro
02 ガラガラ Go!!
03 Bringing You Love
04 My Heaven
05 Stay
06 Top Of The World
07 Follow Me
08 Baby Baby -japanese Version-
09 Emotion
10 Love Club
11 Always -japanese Version-

Don't forget about credit ;)

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18 August 2009 @ 08:55 pm
Thanks for wishes :)

This weekend I spent with my family from Praszka! It was so funny and I drank some XDDD But it was great! after 5 years I saw my lovely cousin!!! But something sad happened too but I don't want to talk about it. I wanna forget.

I uploaded some music, but first.

G-Dragin's album. DO you like it? I think that 'Heartbreaker' is the best song <3. And MV is so amazing! Love it definately! I upload it.

So today I prepared:

G-Dragon "Heartbreaker"

Track List & DownloadCollapse )
2NE1 First Mini album

Track List & DownloadCollapse )
Devil & Angel "Bad Girl"
Track List & DownloadCollapse )
SNSD "Genie"

Track List & DownloadCollapse )

Moon Hee Jun "Last Cry"
Track List & DownloadCollapse )

Please credit me if you take it :)

It's all. Maybe in next post I will add next & some caps of MV.

See ya!

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10 August 2009 @ 07:51 pm

I can't believe... Now it's been 2 years...
When I've started writing this LJ, I didn't think that I would do this so long... Maybe was here some hiatus, but I still write here. I always closed my blogs when I didn't write, but here... I really love this LJ and I can't go away. It's a part of my life. Here I met a lot of people who I like and who helps me a lot.
I'm really grateful...
I made this banner. Even I like it XD It's simple, but still there is Kibum <3.

The biggest change?
My thinking. I had a lot of bad experiences with love. I realized that I can't have boy because maybe I'm not ready or there isn't this precious one.
I fell in love with korean music. I fell in love with SuJu, ss501, BB.
I'm really happy and I hope that I will be writing here by next year :)


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09 August 2009 @ 09:48 pm


I hadn't been here a long time because I had been preparing a comeback of my Fansub Group who translates a lot of stuffs to Polish :). Yesterday it came back and I'm really happy^^.

I decided a lot too.

I decided that this LJ will be more useful for you! From now here will be a big download and I will be adding my translation to English. Of course here will be my diary too^^.

I changed layout. It's beautiful *0*. Header was made by my lovely Doriane from alohaaa . Thank you so much! She made a header for my Group's LJ too ^^.

I changed a profile layout too.

Now I have to 'tidy' LJ and tags. I think that in next days I will add my first translation and download :)

There will be anniversary too and my birthday XD.

And you realized that I fell in love with SuJu again XD They are so great XD

Now it;s all. I will come back with commennting your blogs too^^.

Have a fun time!

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